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About Founder

Himank Sharma, a B.Tech student at Poornima College Of Engineering Jaipur , is the visionary founder of NKSPair. Driven by a passion for technology and a desire to enhance everyday living, Himank embarked on a mission to create a home automation system that surpasses expectations. With a keen eye for innovation and a commitment to user-centric design, he's leading the development of NKSPair, empowering individuals to effortlessly control their homes and unlock a truly smart lifestyle..

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About The Product

Imagine a world where your home dances to your every whim. Lights adjust at your voice, fans pirouette to your desired breeze, and appliances obey your smartphone's whispered commands. This is the magic of SmartLink, a revolutionary system that transforms your ordinary switchboard into a portal to effortless control. Gone are the days of fumbling for remotes or battling unpredictable gusts. With SmartLink, you reign supreme, commanding your environment through voice, app, or the familiar touch of a switch. But SmartLink isn't just about convenience; it's about peace of mind. Its secure design and hassle-free installation ensure your family enjoys comfort and safety, while its compact form seamlessly integrates into your existing decor. So, say goodbye to yesterday's limitations and step into a future where your home anticipates your every need. Embrace the magic of SmartLink (1.0) and unlock the boundless potential of your living space.

App Control

Lights on demand, chills on command. Setup the app and turn your phone into a magic wand for your home. Tap to banish darkness, whisper "cooler!" to your fan, and keep tabs on the temperature – all without leaving the couch

Smart Schedule and Automation

Forget the "did I turn that off?". SmartLink got your back with automated schedules. Lights dance to your sunrise and sunset, fans whir to life (or hush) as the temperature fluctuates, and appliances follow your pre-programmed rhythms. Your home adjusts to you, not the other way around.

Compact Design

Unlike bulky smart switches that hog space, SmartLink plays it cool. This tiny titan slips effortlessly behind your existing switchboard, hiding its smarts without stealing a centimeter. Upgrade your life, not your walls, with SmartLink – the discreet genius behind your smart home revolution.

Easy To Install

Brains, meet brawn. SmartLink's genius isn't just in its control, it's in its effortless setup. No need to call in the experts – this little module plays nice with your existing wiring, so even a DIY enthusiast can handle the job. A few simple steps, and your home is instantly smarter.

First Time Offline Voice Control

No Internet, No Smart Speaker, No Problem... Here we are the first to provice a dedicated Voice assistant for your module which does not require any Internet Connectivity and external Speaker.

Free 2 Days Trial

Smart home doubts? Try SmartLink FREE for 2 days! Control everything, automate routines, enjoy the magic. Not hooked? Return it for a full refund. Upgrade your life, not your walls. Order Now and test drive your smart home future!

2 Years Warrenty

Relax knowing your SmartLink module is backed by a generous 2-years warranty. Enjoy worry-free smart living for two whole years! Order your SmartLink module today and unlock a world of effortless comfort, convenience, and security. With a 2-years warranty and a risk-free trial, there's nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Our Products

Ditch the screwdriver, embrace the future! SmartLink 1.0 transforms your existing switchboard into a smart haven, controlling lights, fans, and appliances with your phone, voice, or remote. Schedule lights, adjust fan speeds, monitor room temperature, and automate your home – all without replacing a single switch. Plus, SmartLink's shockproof your Switch board (! only Switches) and adds peace of mind to your newfound control. Upgrade your home, not your wiring, with SmartLink.

SmartLink (1.0) : 4 Node + 1 Fan


Without RF and IR Remote

  • 4 Node + 1 Fan With Speed Control
  • Track Room Temperature
  • 3 Ways To Control
  • App Control
  • Voice (Alexa and Google Home) Control
Coming Soon!

SmartLink (1.0) : 4 Node + 1 Fan + Remote


With RF and IR Remote

  • 4 Node + 1 Fan With Speed Control
  • Track Room Temperature
  • 5 Ways To Control
  • App Control
  • Voice (Alexa and Google Home) Control
  • Offline Remote Control
Coming Soon!

How To SetUp?

Safty First: Turn Of Main Supply

Remember, electricity ain't a playmate. Before you dive in, locate your home's main electrical panel and switch off the power to the area you'll be working on. Safety first, friends!

Wire The Module

  • Open your switchboard with care.
  • Find the wires connected to the switch you want to upgrade.
  • Follow the clear instructions in the provided manual to connect the wires to the module.
  • Secure the module like a tiny tech ninja behind the switchboard.

Turn On Supply and Verification

  • Flip the switch back on at the main panel.
  • Give your upgraded switch a tap. Does it work like magic? ✨ If not, double-check those connections, you tech Houdini!

Setup App

  • Download the app on your smartphone or tablet from QR or the link provided in the Manual.
  • Create an account and follow the prompts to connect the app to your SmartLink module. Think of it as a secret handshake for your devices!
  • Customize your settings, name your newfound smart friends , and create schedules and automations to fit your life like a comfy pair of slippers. Sunrise lights? Sunset fan dances? You got this!

What They Say About Our Product.

Download ESP RainMaker To Setup Devices

Download The App from the link provided below and follow the instructions for connect with your NKSPair Products.